Separation and Divorce Readiness Indicator (SDRI) Product Testing


Thank you for your interest to participate in our online focus group.

Your feedback is important to us.   

Separation Divorce Readiness Indicator (SDRI) is an online survey questionnaire intended to test the readiness of a couple considering separation or divorce. Use of SDRI will reduce the time spent on screening the client(s) prior to professional consultation and also brings an inter-disciplinary standardization on various parameters used by the specialists in the separation-divorce management.   

As a professional practicing in this field, you are invited to test the online survey questionnaire of SDRI.  Upon reviewing the SDRI survey tool, you are invited to participate in an online focus group to discuss the SDRI survey tool.

This research is conducted independently by researchers at the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation at Georgian College, One Georgian Drive, Barrie, ON L4M 3X9, Canada. The purpose of the study is to assess how you, as a divorce professional, view the SDRI survey.

How the Process will Work

You will be asked questions related to the ease of use, validity, comprehensiveness and desirability of the SDRI survey. The feedback from the focus group might be used to improve the existing prototype of the SDRI survey.   

  • You can participate in one of the two focus groups starting at 11:00 AM EST (8:00 AM PCT), November 4 OR November 5, 2016. Total duration of discussion should not take more than 90 minutes and you can participate at your own convenience. Each discussion board will be open for 12 hours.
  • You will receive instructions on accessing the SDRI survey tool and your participation in the focus group via the email address provided during registration. You are free to log in and participate at your own convenience.
  • There will be 8 to 10 participants in each focus group. In order to facilitate the discussion, you will receive a notification when other participants reply to your comments.

Your Privacy

All responses will remain confidential and anonymous; aggregate data from the focus group will be used to recommend changes to the SDRI survey.

For this online discussion the platform Recollective will be used. Data will be stored on secure servers located within Canada. For more information on Recollective’s privacy policy please visit

For Participating

Additionally, as a token of gratitude for participating in the online focus group, you are eligible to receive three free professional uses of the improved SDRI survey. If you would like to receive this incentive, please provide your consent and contact information at the beginning of the focus group when prompted.

If you wish to be informed of the results of the study, changes made to SDRI survey and the launch of the improved survey for public use, you can also provide your contact information in a private page at the beginning of the focus group. Please note: Contact information will be stored separately from focus group responses and will not be used to identify focus group responses. 


There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. Participation in the online focus group is completely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time without penalty.  To withdraw from the focus group simply close the internet browser window for the online focus group. Only responses of those who completed the focus group will be considered for the study. 


If you have any questions about the online focus group or the procedures, you may contact Amanda Allnutt (Principal Investigator) by email or by phone at +1-705-7281968 ext. 5232.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this research, you may contact the Georgian College Research Ethics Board Chair Dr. Jacqueline Limoges, at +1-705-728-1968 ext. 5583 or email.