Divorce & Separation Don't Have To Be Complicated

We created the Separation & Divorce Readiness Indicator to help divorce professionals, help their clients.

How Does It Work?

Does It Work? Clients gain a comprehensive understanding of their situation and the options available before beginning the separation process. This helps you understand how complicated each separation will be so that you can bill more accurately.

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Unsure about the process or have questions?

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What is the SDRI?

Separation Divorce Readiness Indicator


Be Certain

Commonly no one knows for certain that ending a marriage or common law relationship is the best or right thing to do. However if you believe this is the next step that needs to be taken then completing the SDRI is crucial.


If you want to prevent your divorce from being one of those horror stories then you need to complete the SDRI. This readiness indicator will help you learn how prepared you are to negotiate your separation / divorce.


There are over 20 categories that are important to ensure you are ready to take this big step in your life. For example, do you have the financial acumen and the goodwill that it takes to advocate for your family?


Also share this information with your spouse to complete the SDRI. When both of you complete your own SDRI Family TLC can generate a couple complexity score that will further assist you to move efficiently through this process.

Unsure about the Process or Have Questions?

Contact us and we’ll help answer any questions you might have.